Life is Today


What I do

Here at Life is Today Academy, my mission is simple… to help a million women manifest a million dreams and help her create her world of magic, power, and transformation.

We are all on our own soul-path in our journey to soul-growth. Our individual adventures might be different, but we each need a little help. Choose the path that is right for you and let me help you make your destination a reality.

Self Love

We’ve not been taught how to love, accept or celebrate ourselves unconditionally. From body image to saying what’s on your heart and mind, self-love hasn’t exactly made the news headlines. But you and I are changing things.

Phoenix Story

The past doesn’t define you, however it does add to who you become. So who are you becoming? The victim? The champion? The trailblazer? The Thriver? The one who triumphed over the worst of circumstances? You’re holding the pen – You get to write your Phoenix Story!

Manifesting Money

Straight up, money is an absolutely crucial part of our lives – we can’t live without it, and we have to learn how to manifest it and live with it. Because, let’s get real… school never had empowering money mindset on the curriculum.

Soul Growth

You feel it deep within. A sense, a knowing that you are here on purpose. There’s a reason why you’re here, there’s a reason why you’re pulled to certain things. But you’re not in your purpose as yet or fully. You know it’s deeper than 9-5 work – it’s you in your wholeness. Here’s the thing: It’s all available to you. The answers are within you and available to you.

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You are part of a community

You are not alone in your soul-growth journey. There are hundreds of soul-led trailblazers like yourself who are ready to support you!

“When you see someone succeed, thank her. She is an example of what is possible for you. ”

— Leila Khan

Be inspired by your fellow Trailblazers

“Doing coaching with Leila is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made… Truly I hadn’t considered the possibility of making progress so quickly. Before the second session I did remarkable progress that approached me to my goals.” – Patricia, Barcelona

“This Summer of unemployment really took a toll on me – Thanks to all the money mindfulness you teach, I was able to land exactly everything I currently need in a paid position and more! This job is my dream job – thank you Leila!” – Amaka, New York

“I started working with Leila as my personal spiritual business coach on 18th February 2021. At that time my usual monthly business income was generally between 2-3 thousand pounds. Amazingly since working with Leila, the 3 months since February have netted me an income of over £22,000!! Previously inexperienced!” -Gillian

I manifested 10k within 14 days of implementing Leila’s money manifesting techniques and have now published my first book! – Flor

” Leila worked with some techniques which would allow me to be more free of fear. In the short time that we worked on this, I have found it useful. One of them I have been using constantly in my daily life since the session and find it extremely helpful” – Steven