Fearless Business Success


Your soul song

You feel it in you every morning when you wake up… that feeling… that fire in your belly to be of greater service, to manifest money as you sleep, to share your message helping others as you sing your soul song.

You’ve been through so much after all, you’ve learnt so much that you KNOW you must help others. You could be the guide and survivor helping them along the way – if only…

But, something’s in the way.
Where do I start?
What if no one buys?
What if I make a mistake?
What if I fail?
What if no one buys?
What technology do I use?
What about social media?

Self-doubt, overwhelm, frustration, losing confidence, feeling like you’re banging your head against a brick wall because you know
there are things you don’t know.

Nevertheless, your vision and the fire in your belly is LIT and it ain’t going out anytime soon!

You know you are here for more!

You know that you have deep passion to help others; to be of greater service!

That fire in your belly that lights that way for you to connect deeply with your dream students, clients, customers and audience – it’s lighting the way and has brought you here.

High-five for starting your business, for your original intention to help make life better for others and for listening to that soul nudge when you felt it!

“You’ve been through so much after all, you’ve learnt so much that you know you must help others“

About this Digital Course



  • This module shows you how to build from self-worth up so that your container is sustainable for success. Learn how to truly value yourself, release comparison with other women, and become the leader that you are.


  • Readdress the balance between your masculine & feminine energy so you are always working at your optimal; no more overworking, overwhelm or fear of failure. (I’ve found that without this piece, true success will always allude you.)

Business foundations:

  • Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Selling with intention & integrity.
  • Understanding buying strategies so you can sell/invite effectively.
  • Clarity on who you dream clients are and calling them in.
  • Using social media effectively.
  • Income generating activities and daily sales tasks.

Irresistible offers:

  • Practical step by step workshop teaching you how to design a mid to high end 1:1 coaching/mentoring program (Your fees would start from £5000+).
  • Step by step process to designing digital courses, masterclasses, webinars, lead magnets that your audience will love.
  • How, to ensure your clients get results from your programs.
  • Selling your offers with or without a website and the simplest hacks!

Quantum abundance:

  • Manifesting sales with ease & divine flow, building/growing your platform, your dream customers
  • Productivity hacks so that you get done what will move the needle.
  • Plan for success, daily sales activities that make the biggest difference.
  • Income generating activities.

Social Media & Technology

  • Overcome fears of failure, visibility and being ‘seen’.
  • Social media as an incredible tool to share your message, connect authentically, receive sales with ease, and make social media one of the easiest tools for you to collaborate.
  • Email newsletters and building your list.
  • Platforms to sell your offers and so much more!


  • Lifetime access
  • Future updates for free
  • £5K+ Clients Sign Up System Masterclass (Behind the scenes of my set-up and system)
  • Unlimited Email Coaching
  • Complimentary Access to my Trailblazers Inner Circle Group
  • Step up to your female leadership with confidence Masterclass
  • Digital Products for Next Level Impact Masterclass
  • Exclusive Live Q & A business strategy calls
  • Bonus masterclass: Transform your vision into physical reality like a manifesting powerhouse! (Value £47)
  • Paperback signed copy of 101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles – A Guide To Handling ANY Problem With Ease
  • And soooo much more!

About Leila

I help soul-led, ambitious, bad-ass women like you to:

  • To activate deeper self-worth,
  • Manifest more money by healing your money story,
  • Teach what you know as the expert with
  • Greater confidence, enthusiasm & self-belief in your magnetic manifestation powers. Boom!

I teach you to create & sell high end 1:1 coaching programs, digital courses & irresistible offers for your dream clients. They will be asking YOU to create courses for them, just as my audience does!

I show you to manifest your very best students who pay on time, in full and with absolute gratitude that you came into their lives as their guide/teacher/mentor/coach etc.

I coach you on getting clear around your identity as a businesswoman, an expert who sells from her heart & with integrity every time. You’ll learn how to truly step into the shoes of your higher self/true self – and your audience will be clamoring to know what your secret is!

Powerful shifts guaranteed!

I coach you with my no BS, kickass sassy style to say bye to the excuses and GET IT DONE! Work productively on the only things that will actually make a difference to your business, income and your life.

I show you how to get even better at following your heart, your soul nudges with excellence. This piece is literally the game-changer because without it the strategies don’t hold up.

(I’m kind of obsessed with excellence! I always have been and always will be. My thing is to be excellent at being my best, consistently! And, so I teach you too because it really is the thing that moves the needle!