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Change your mindSET, rewrite your story is my new masterclass and journalling workshop where you’ll discover the wisdom of past experiences so that you can let go of it and never look back in the same way. You will be able to shift your mindset so that you can manifest a future aligned to your highest good with confidence, eagerness and excitement.

Helping a million women manifest a million dreams

“Since I worked with Leila, the three months since February have netted me an income of over £22,000! Previously inexperienced!”


I love challenging women to liberate themselves from limiting beliefs and the invisible glass ceiling and empower them to magnetise their dreams and make their unique impact on the world. I envision a world where women have the freedom and confidence to manifest her true potential. My goal is to help a million women to manifest a million dreams. I commit myself to their empowerment and fruition of dreams in life and business with excellence, love, connection, and truth.

Hey, hey! I’m Leila

I am a published author, a public speaker, a life and business coach, and an award winning business woman. I am all about soul-growth, transformation, and living your own Phoenix Story.

My book was selected as a gift for the Hollywood Charity Swag Bags at the Oscars Weekend, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles in 2018. It was gifted to fifty or so celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep, Ariel Winter, Jane Fonda, Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong’o and many more. I’m still pinching myself!

I am passionate about supporting people who want more out of life, who no longer want to be held back by their past, who want to be themselves, especially, if like me, you don’t fit a mold or a conventional box, who just want to do the best they can and get by in life by giving more of themselves to others. Embody all of who you are and see what magic you can create!

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Leila is a passionate and highly enthusiastic teacher of personal development. Her book 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! offers many strategies to turn your problems into valuable blessings.

— Usha Chudasama (Author of Your Happy Child)

Are you living your best life today?

You know the kinda life where you’re following your heart, feeling ALIVE, manifesting with ease, and building your dream life and business, because that’s what you came here for!

You came here worthy, enough and good enough for a great life.

Life is today so follow your heart, it knows the way!

Forever Soul Growth

I’m obsessed…always have been with one thing…my FOREVER SOUL GROWTH! I love soul expansion, activating my highest potential, playing in the field of magic and miracles whilst manifesting my dreams with ease. I wasn’t born to apologise for being here! And, you don’t have to either. When we expand into our next level, we inspire others to do the same. Forever soul growth, all the way baby! Leila x

We all have a Phoenix Story

Beauty from ashes, arising from embers. Your transformation is right here, right now. You are an Alchemist – you have the magic to turn your pain into pure liquid gold. You are a Maverick – the leader of your own revolution. You are in charge of your redemption and you get to decide your hero’s journey. You’re holding the pen – you get to write your Phoenix Story!

What Soul-sisters are saying

“I started working with Leila as my personal spiritual business coach on 18th February 2021. At that time my usual monthly business income was generally between 2-3 thousand pounds. Amazingly since working with Leila, the 3 months since February have netted me an income of over £22,000!! Previously inexperienced!! Leila is amazing and her wisdom and advice has made me justifiably and self believably increase my prices and experience the peace and power of no longer being in lack.”

— Gillian, Edinburgh

“This summer of unemployment really took a toll on me, but it gave me time to get specific about what I wanted with regard to earning money. Thanks to all the money mindfulness [Leila] teaches I was able to catch myself (mostly) whenever a negative money thought came up. This job that I’ve landed has exactly everything I currently need in a paid position, and more! I am really excited about the days ahead with this company. I just want to say thank you for your support during those long months.”

— Amaka, New York

“Doing coaching with Leila is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I live in Barcelona and was considering to improve my career and eventually move to UK. This was a challenging time for me, so I needed professional help. Truly I hadn’t considered the possibility of making progress so quickly. Before the second session I did remarkable progress that approached me to my goals. I want to share my experience to encourage those who are facing major challenges. It’s important to receive proper advice from a coach who understand our needs, and this is a talent Leila definitely owns”

— Patricia, Barcelona

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Rise up and Thrive

The Rise up and Thrive podcast is the place to hang-out for self-mastery and navigating life’s obstacles with ease & wisdom. Learn more about positive and resilient mindset, mental wellbeing as well as how to up level your success in life and business.

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In October, 2021, I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest free standing mountain in the world – with Human Appeal. Human Appeal is a non-profit organisation based in the UK working across the globe to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty, social injustice and natural disaster. They are on the ground in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

I will be one of the 40 people who will help raise £150,000 for Emergency Humanitarian Aid which aims to protect and save thousands of families from the devastating effects of conflict and natural disasters all over the world. I am currently halfway through my £5000 target to provide water, food parcels, winter clothing, shelter, medical assistance to those in need.