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Be a Force Podcast

“Leila Khan made the decision to change her life and has never looked back. Leila is sharing what she learned through her journey of overcoming adversity to become an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Leila speaks on manifesting the life you always dreamed of including career, finances and family.”

The Friel Thing with Greg Friel Where are you right now? and where do you want to go?

Come and listen and hear from your heart on what you need to do to, focus on self mastery and most of all get to know yourself. Remind yourself that you are who you want to be, we have all the same 24 hours and it is time to do the things needed to who you aspire to be.

Change Your Self Talk, Change Your Life

Change Your Self Talk, Change Your Life with Leila Khan-Conquer Fear 
We often find ourselves in life to be living the days over and over again. We feel secured as long as we follow the same pattern day by day. Fear of the unknown binds us and limits us from what we can accomplish. Join us today as we engage with an eye opening and refreshing conversation with Leila Khan to know more about ourselves. And what we need to do to take that first leap of faith to a whole new world full of change

Valuing & Respecting Yourself As A Woman

“Some of us struggle to find genuine love, we don’t think we are good enough? We don’t know what we are doing wrong and we don’t know how to change our circumstances so that we can meet the man of our dreams.

With me today is Leila Khan and she going to share with you how valuing and respecting who you are will catapult your ability to find love with the right guy.”

20 Minutes of Influence Podcast by Greg Jameson Leila Khan- Self Mastery Influence

Leila Khan joins us from Edinburgh, Scotland in today’s episode of the 20 minutes of influence. Leila is a life coach who discusses her success with influence marketing including getting 5 business partners to include ads in her book. She believes heavily in collaboration and relies on various social media channels including Facebook and Instagram for her promotions. She also got her book included in Ellen DeGeneres gift bag, and the Four Seasons Gift Bag during the Oscars weekend. Clearly, she has some marketing tips to share that we can all benefit from.

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