21-Day Money Mindset Challenge

Claim your riches with ease
You’re a high-value, generous woman who wants to give more, help more, share more love, and enjoy the freedom that money affords.

Dear Soul Boss,

Did you know that money wants to support you?

Money wants to come closer and closer.

More money wants to be in your hands, wallet and bank account…YES!

However, here’s the but are you pushing it away through limited thinking & lack of belief?

Do you say:

“I can’t afford it”

“I haven’t got the money”

“I want to buy that but I can’t pay for it?”

If so, you’re in the right place to shift and upgrade your money mindset. Keep reading:

Straight up, money is an absolutely crucial part of our lives – we can’t live without it, and we have to learn how to manifest it and live with it.

Because, let’s get real…school never had empowering money mindset on the curriculum.

And, long working days leave little room for financial education.

You’ve had enough of making a little go a long way.

You’ve had enough of feeling money stress.

You’ve had enough of excuses, feeling powerless and stuck.

It’s time. It’s time to get out of your way. Remember who you really are. And Step up.

You’re a high-value, generous woman who wants to give more, help more, share more love and enjoy the freedom that money affords.

About the Challenge
How does it work?
Over the next 21 days after you signed up, we’re gonna go on a fun, deep dive into money mindset and how you can attract more of it; from the spiritual, mental, physical and practical aspects of it.

We’ll break down some of the limiting belief around money so you can FINALLY get out of your own way and CLAIM YOUR RICHES, in more ways than one.

What you will receive:
You’ll receive 21 money mindset lessons + 21 soul work assignments. These will help you to shift & upgrade your money mindset so that money can’t stop you from doing and BEING who you are here to be! Plus bonus: Manifest more money with ease meditation track. Plus bonus: Manifest more money with ease meditation track.

Ready to get out of your own way so you can manifest more money, abundance and freedom into your life? I wouldn’t wait.

“This has been awesome Leila. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I did actually complete every single day. DAY 8 “Rich in all areas” was knock out for me! I have taken copious notes and have the soul work – all amazing. I’m so glad I invested in this course.”

Gillian Dalgliesh

I’m on a mission!

I have always had a soulful appreciation and love for money; when money is used as a tool to help others, it continues to flow and flow and flow with ease.

Manifesting shouldn’t be hard. In fact, it’s not.

Over my careers as modern languages teacher, assistant headteacher, sales manager and CEO of my personal transformation company, I’ve manifested £40,000+ and £50,000 +salaries, £30,000 within 4 hours, taught countless women how to manifest £3000, £5,000, £10,000 and even $140,000 within weeks of following my money vibes classes, it’s time for me to show more women how you can manifest more money with ease too.

Remember this: If it’s possible for her, it’s possible for you too. Are you willing to try?

I’m a mission to make sure no woman or man is left lost in poverty mindset or lack of self-love.

The two go together, hand in hand.

To manifest more money, abundance & prosperity, you’ve gotta come from a place of self-love, confidence & empowerment.

Trust me, once you know what you’re worth, you’ll start to attract money & opportunities over & over again. I show you how in my 21 day Money Can’t Stop You Challenge – Claim Your Riches with ease & flow.

I help empowered, ambitious, badass, independent women love herself unconditionally, walk her path of purpose & manifest more money with ease & fun along the way.

She’s ready to break through the invisible glass ceiling and create success on her terms; unapologetically.

The truth of it is when women are empowered, we contribute with heart and soul. And, we WANT to change the world for the better.

The world is calling you to rise up and override those fears, excuses and old stories.

Hey, hey! I’m Leila.

I’ll be your life-coach!