The Beginners Guide to Turning Your Dreams into Reality

Use the power of your mind to realise your dreams of love, wealth, happiness, and success through this Digital Course.
Learn the secrets of how to attract the love of your life, become wealthier, become happier, and make your dreams come true, especially when you feel stuck.

Learn how to break down your big vision of your dreams (of love, money, business success etc) into chunks that make it easier for you to follow through the process until you reach you desired goal.

Build a strong mental, emotional, physical foundation to set yourself up for success, and manage failures along the way with this in depth, compassionate and inspiring course for all levels of dream-chasers, and success seekers.

Learn and understand what your unique purpose in life and why you should strive to experience it. Complete self-discovery and coaching questions to help you STEP UP and SHINE! Follow through with a 60 page handbook.

Take part in Leila’s Miracles and Gratitude Meditation PLUS 90 day meditation challenge as you start to step into your genius zone to ignite your inner potential.

Making a dream come true is an immense commitment. This course takes you through high level personal content to help you understand yourself better, deep self discovery questions to challenge your limitations and old ideas, and keep you on track to realising the life experiences you really want.

About the


Ideal for ambitious day-dreamers who want to make their dreams come true but aren’t sure of the processes to follow. Through the course of this content, and more, you’ll learn what a dream really is, what your unique purpose in life is, what your BIG WHY is and your inner motivating factors are, you’ll understand your personal blocks to your success such as fears, and limiting beliefs and you’ll discover key success strategies to start implementing today on your personal journey.
Starting with the details of dreams and what they really mean, this course will take you through the foundations of making something intangible (in your mind) happen in reality. You’ll establish a sense a confidence and self-esteem as you gain clarity on you life’s purpose.
With the foundation laid, you’ll start to dive deeper into your inner world to consider your own life experiences and how you can start to make positive, empowering changes away from the pain and suffering of unhappy circumstances and start taking charge of your own happiness.
Students completing the course will have a deep knowledge and understanding of their personal purpose, WHAT the steps are to turn your dreams into reality, HOW to go about doing this on a daily basic and take IMMEDIATE, ACTIONABLE steps to creating a life of happiness, personal wealth, and business success for those who seek that.
Realise your dreams of being an author, a parent, a business entrepreneur, a freelancer, a student, a teacher, or whatever you discover through this course!
Complete with online videos, bonuses, visualisation tracks, meditation video, a 60 page handbook, self-discovery coaching questions, motivational and inspirational video and so much more, you’ll work alongside the author to get closer to your dreams in reality.
What’s included
  • Lifetime access to the content and updates
  • 9+ hours of high quality video and audio content
  • Self-discovery and coaching questions
  • Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis
  • Leila’s gratitude and miracles meditation technique
  • Law of Attraction Manifesting Worksheet
  • #leilaswisevibes inspiration for you!
  • Top Mindsets for Dreamers PDF and Video
  • FREE downloadable version of my books: 101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles and My Little Red Book of Wisdoms.
  • FREE membership to Leila’s Private Trailblazers Inner Circle

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