Welcome to Transform Your Money Vibes – The self-love route to unlimited abundance!

Can you imagine what having more money would do for you?

  • How would making more money in your business, job or career change your life?
  • Do you want to cut out stress & overwhelm so that you can have the money, freedom & happiness you desire?
  • Do you give, give and give to others and deplete yourself of receiving? (Compliments, Love, money, help/support, time-out etc)

Beautiful Trailblazer, you know you are worthy of a thriving, abundant, and joyful life, right?

Transform Your Money Vibes – The self-love route to unlimited abundance is THE place to BE! Today, I am

ALL about coaching & mentoring you to:

  • Master your money mindset
  • Fill up your own cup so that you can give to others AND receive abundantly,
  • Heal poverty consciousness once and for all through conscious intention, forgiving the past money experiences and surrendering with grace.
  • Overcome fears & transform money beliefs into NEW stories,
  • Combine self-love for financial success,
  • Unapologetically improve your circumstances by activating intentional opportunities
  • Fill up your own cup so that you can give to others AND receive abundantly
  • No longer apologise for making money
  • Reprogram your money beliefs to those of the wealthy-minded.
  • Building a solid foundation of self-worth and confidence in your personal and business life.
  • Take charge of your creator process – SUPER POWERFUL visualisations
  • How the power of the mind works and combining your inner purpose to manifest more money
  • Previous money vibes students have started new businesses, got promoted with HUGE increases in salary, attracted more customers and clients, made MORE money, and are finally FREE of the anxiety of not having enough money, trying too hard and not knowing her true worth.



The universe is always fully supporting you so you are now ready to unapologetically step into your next level of self-love, abundance, and happiness.

Let’s do this! Get ready to learn how to use the power of your mind combined with self-love to attract more money into your life, so that you can live a life of rich experiences, satisfaction, and ease!

During this money mindfulness training, you will learn:

  • How to combine self-love, intuition and your inner divine feminine energy to manifest abundance financial success
  • How to infuse abundance into all areas of your life ( Relationships, Health, Wellness, Business, Career etc)
  • How to lovingly overcome fears, obstacles & challenges that continually get in the way of your confidence and self-belief
  • What your natural gifts & purpose are and how to use them to their FULL potential.
  • What unconscious money blocks are hampering your progress & powerful strategies to help break those patterns.
  • How to create powerful vision boards & exactly where to place them so that you reap the rewards-this is NOT to be underestimated!!
  • How to manifest money when others around you are negative about it,
  • How universe is ALWAYS working for you through specific universal laws.
  • And, so much more!

Join in wherever you are located in the world & take your financial success & self-worth to a new level!

Each class is about 2 hours with weekly group coaching sessions – get all your questions answered from a master manifestor!

I have designed this course as the self-love route to true wealth. Both are super important aspects of living a fulfilling and joyful life.

Transform Your Money Vibes – The self-love route to unlimited abundance includes:

5x weekly LIVE sessions ( Valued at £2500)

  • Weekly group coaching sessions (Value at £1500)
  • Weekly motivational videos ( Valued at £997)
  • Powerful hypnosis tracks to manifest more money, abundance and overcome fears (Valued at £497)
  • Audio class recordings to listen back anytime. ( Valued at £997)
  • FREE & private membership to Leila’s Trailblazers Inner Circle group – Join a community of like- minded trailblazers who are manifesting amazing life experiences & building wealth mindsets.
  • Manifesting exercises which Leila has created, tried & tested over 28 years (Priceless!)
  • Daily affirmations, practical strategies and content to accelerate manifestations

Plus, check out your FREE bonuses:

BONUS 1: Unlimited email coaching (Valued at £997)

BONUS 2: LIFETIME Access to the Life is Today Academy library (Priceless!)

BONUS 3: Membership of The Trailblazers Inner Circle ( Valued at £297)

BONUS 4: Daily affirmations to build wealth (Priceless!)

BONUS 5: Exclusive money vibes trailblazer challenges to nudge you to step up!

FREE Gift: FREE Gift: SIGNED 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles! (£32.00)

That is £7800+ of VALUE!

A little more about

me . . .

Growing up in a deprived area of London meant that I was unconsciously surrounded by limiting beliefs about scarcity, lack and unworthiness. From my elders, I constantly heard ‘There’s not enough money, that’s too expensive, we can’t have that, you’ll have to work really hard for that etc’ I intuitively KNEW that wealth, possibility and courage were the true essence of my being. I decided that I wasn’t going to buy into the notion that ‘Where you come from is where you’ll stay’. I chose to follow my heart and make my dreams of abundance, true love & happiness come true.

I have always been motivated by money because of the freedom, creativity and purpose it offers to positively help and impact the world. I see how more money in the hands of good-intentioned women like yourself, can actually make the world we all live in a much better place.

I now teach heart-centred, ambitious women how to use the power of the mind to unapologetically attract REAL wealth, love & success. I also remind them to not apologise for the beautiful divine feminine that each woman is and that she’s allowed to show up authentically.

I am the founder of The Life is Today Academy, Creator of Transform Your Money Vibes and The Get It Done Mentorship as well as high-end coaching programs for ambitious executives. I am the author of 5 self-mastery books, an International, speaker, French Language Teacher, Master Practitioner of NLP, & totally obsessed with helping my students to UNAPOLOGETICALLY become the best version of themselves!

You’ll find chapter 5 on Overcoming The Poverty Mindset in my book 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles!’ A Guide To Handling ANY Problem With Ease. (Published by Black Card Books in 2017 )

This book made it all the way to HOLLYWOOD in 2018 as it was chosen and selected as a special gift to Ellen DeGeneres for her 60th birthday PLUS it was gifted to FIFTY (!) Actors, and Actresses during the Oscars Weekend at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles!

I was also awarded Outstanding Woman in Business in 2016, judged on the merit of my consistent client results, creativity and innovation of my social media presence and writings. I feel such joy in hearing my students achieving success and this TOTALLY adds to my day!

My happy students say . . .

Flor manifested 10k within the first 14 days of taking the money vibes course and is now in the process of publishing her first book! She shares:

“I would love to take advantage of this manifesting feeling that I got from the 1st call & start the 90 days challenge. I really could use this fire energy. I still need a bit of a push since I have been through lots of ups and downs emotionally lately. I am putting so much pressure on myself – that I am freezing on this. And guess what I’ve been blaming myself and getting depressed. when I take time off to get my work done, it doesn’t come out. So I really need your help now. I feel like I always help everyone but now I need some. I am grateful and I am recovering from blaming myself. Sending you much love, Thank you! I want to be your student that will be the example! I am opening up myself for abundance now! Money is on its way! With love and gratitude”


“Doing coaching with Leila is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I live in Barcelona and was considering to improve my career and eventually move to UK. This was a challenging time for me, so I needed professional help. I felt myself anxious and suffered from lack of confidence. The shadow of failure tormented me and made me feel uncertain about my future. During the first session with Leila I could see that she was a very intelligent, empathic and warm person who knows how to question limiting beliefs. She made me think a lot! Truly I hadn’t considered the possibility of making progress so quickly. Before the second session I did remarkable progress that approached me to my goals. I want to share my experience to encourage those who are facing major challenges. It’s important to receive proper advice from a coach who understand our needs, and this is a talent Leila definitely owns”


“This summer of unemployment really took a toll on me, but it gave me time to get specific about what I wanted with regard to earning money. Thanks to all the money mindfulness [Leila] teaches I was able to catch myself (mostly) whenever a negative money thought came up. This job that I’ve landed has exactly everything I currently need in a paid position, and more! I am really excited about the days ahead with this company. My end goal here is to earn my counseling license within the next 1½ years as I gain experience working with foster youth and their families. In addition to that, I am also in the process of applying to a sociology PhD program (because I’m still very much interested in research) AND laying the foundation for my ultimate career goal – coaching. Anyway, I just want to say thank you for your support during those long months.”


Lorna started her business within days of working with Leila, got her first client within a few weeks, set up physical business presence AND got a major promotion with more money! Currently, she is getting soooo many downloads and insights!


“Over the weeks and sessions I have worked with Leila, I have found that she has a fantastic insight into how people tick, how people think and more importantly how to get them to think. In this session Leila worked with some techniques which would allow me to be more free of fear. My daily life since the session and find it extremely helpful”


Anna is now manifesting £600+ per week following the lessons she’s learnt from my course. She was making £300-£400 per week since April and for the past 3 months she’s been manifesting £600+ per week. She feels more positive and like she believes the money is coming to her. She’s ticked off £1500 off her money board and is now moving to £2000 now. Keep going Anna!


Leila has been an absolutely amazing coach, and I’m so grateful to her for all the changes I have seen in myself. I cannot praise her enough, and she was definitely correct in encouraging me to go down the coaching instead of counselling route. Thank you for everything Leila, if it weren’t for you I would still be a victim of situations I have been exposed to and now I am taking an active control and making positive changes to my life.”


“I found Leila’s session on Law of Attraction to be a valuable insight into my relationship with money. It was an honest and open session where I laughed, loved, and learned about my self-imposed limitations then challenged myself through visualisation to change what I have come to accept all too easily. We can bring more into our lives if we use the right words and intentions – I’ve already started noticing a difference. Powerful NLP, a coherent presentation, and a very approachable yet professional manner made this my favourite session of the year so far.”


“I enjoyed Leila’s course; she gave us some very solid techniques for manifesting abundance in our lives. What I enjoyed most about the course was talking to Leila. She has a way of pulling out of you your enthusiasms–even when you do not want to talk about them! I took her class during a time period when I was having great difficulties on a number of levels. She helped me find my way back to a place where I could begin to use my talents again and allow myself to appreciate all the rewards the Universe has given me. Thanks again.”


“Session Two of the Law of Attraction series with Leila was super jam-packed with useful insights, interactive activities, and high octaves of energy! What I love about Leila is that she puts a lot of her personality into her workshops – bringing passion and pizzaz with fun impromptu dance sessions & lots of laughter. These sessions have been extremely useful in “shining a light” on all those little money monsters lurking in the shadows. Thank you Leila”


I started working with Leila as my personal spiritual business coach on 18th February 2021. At that time my usual monthly business income was generally between 2-3 thousand pounds. Amazingly since working with Leila, the 3 months since February have netted me an income of over £22,000!! Previously inexperienced!! Leila is amazing and her wisdom and advice has made me justifiably and self believably increase my prices and experience the peace and power of no longer being in lack. She’s truly amazing, and authentically connected with what’s best for us all. I highly recommend Leila!!! With love and gratitude.


“I enjoyed Leila’s course; she gave us some very solid techniques for manifesting abundance in our lives. What I enjoyed most about the course was talking to Leila. She has a way of pulling out of you your enthusiasms–even when you do not want to talk about them! I took her class during a time period when I was having great difficulties on a number of levels. She helped me find my way back to a place where I could begin to use my talents again and allow myself to appreciate all the rewards the Universe has given me. Thanks again.”


About Leila

Self- Mastery Mentor

One thing that’s evident about me is that I am passionate about teaching women how to love
herself deeper and honour her divine gifts.

I’ve always had an original intention to help women manifest more money, manifest less drama and pain and follow her heart with courage.

I look back at my 40 years and know that I’ve accomplished what I am meant to up to this point and there is still more.

For the past 7 years, I have been helping soul-led, ambitious men and women
to get back on track with their true purpose, overcome obstacles with ease and manifest
successful personal lives and businesses.

My trailblazer community has been growing and continues to go from strength to strength – I love my tribe so much!

I’m the coach that will always integrate and embody higher wisdom, deeper truths and
authentically walk my path – part of my mission is make sure no woman who comes into my
magical world leaves without remembering her true divine power; you’re here to manifest more
money, increase your frequency and live a life on your terms no matter what others have said
you’re capable of.

In my powerful coaching containers and courses,

I hold space for you to explore the magic that is within!

Remember, life is today so follow your heart it knows the way, Leila x