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Welcome to Transform Your Money Vibes – The self-love route to unlimited abundance!
  •  Can you imagine what having more money would do for you?
  •  How would making more money in your business, job or career change your life?
  •  Do you want to cut out stress & overwhelm so that you can have the money, freedom & happiness you desire?
  •  Do you give, give and give to others and deplete yourself of receiving? (Compliments, Love, money, help/support, time-out etc)
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5 reviews for Transform Your Money Vibes! Digital Course

  1. wps_team


    “Session Two of the Law of Attraction series with Leila was super jam packed with useful insights, interactive activities and high octaves of energy! What I love about Leila is that she puts a lot of her personality into her workshops – bringing passion and pizzaz with fun impromptu dance sessions & lots of laughter. These sessions have been extremely useful in “shining a light” on all those little money monsters lurking in the shadows. Thank you Leila” Lee-Rae

  2. wps_team


    “Doing coaching with Leila is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I live in Barcelona and was considering to improve my career and eventually move to UK. This was a challenging time for me, so I needed professional help. I felt myself anxious and suffered from lack of confidence. The shadow of failure tormented me and made me feel uncertain about my future. During the first session with Leila I could see that she was a very intelligent, empathic and warm person who knows how to question limiting beliefs. She made me think a lot! Truly I hadn’t considered the
    possibility of making progress so quickly. Before the second session I did remarkable progress that approached me to my goals.
    I want to share my experience to encourage those who are facing major challenges. It’s important to receive proper advice from a coach who understand our needs, and this is a talent Leila definitely owns” Patricia, Barcelona

  3. wps_team


    I found Leila’s session on Law of Attraction to be a valuable insight into my relationship with money. It was an honest and open session where I laughed, loved, and learned about my self imposed limitations then challenged myself through visualization to change what I have come to accept all too easily. We can bring more into our lives if we use the right words and intentions – I’ve already started noticing a difference. Powerful NLP, a coherent presentation, and a very approachable yet professional manner made this my favourite session of the year so far.” Michael

  4. wps_team


    “By helping me to see the different options that I could apply to my business and remove my creative block she helped me DOUBLE my sales and income in 1 month from meeting her! I would highly recommend Leila to anyone looking for more clarity and to get more out of their life” Stacey

  5. wps_team


    “Over the weeks and sessions I have worked with Leila, I have found that she has a fantastic insight into how people tick, how people think and more importantly how to get them to think. In this session Leila worked with some techniques which would allow me to be more free of fear.
    In this short time that we worked on this I have found it useful.One of them I have been using constantly in my daily life since the session and find it extremely helpful” Steven

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