Become Your Own Life Coach

Do you day dream of being more confident? Braver? Happier? Have you had enough of procrastinating and doubting yourself all the time? Are you ready to make 2021 your best year so far?

Well, now’s the time to put yourself first!

I’m here to show you how can become your own best friend and make 2021 the year where you blast through fears with courage, self-confidence and unwavering self-belief! Did you know, deep down, you are the expert of your own life.

You are a woman of value with many gifts and talents – right now, they are just hidden underneath the layers of self-doubt and fears. It’s absolutely 100% possible to face those fears and transform them into true happiness, success and self-worth.

Can you imagine how happy, enthusiastic and excited you could be simply because you decided to become your own life coach; your own best friend and number one cheerleader?

You would love it!

You’d wake up every morning feeling grateful and excited about a brand new day to be yourself UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

You’d know without doubt that the warrior princess within you can overcome ANY obstacle, no matter what life throws at her!

You’d know that you love yourself from within, trust yourself & honour your needs without co-dependancy on others.

You’d know that you’re allowed to speak your mind & truth and never let others overstep your boundaries because of self-respect!

And, you’d know that you can give allllll of your love to your nearest and dearest from a place of overflow – not from an empty cup!

You are so worthy of confidently deciding what you want, knowing what is right and true for you, manifesting your hearts desires of more money, generosity, freedom and being your own best friend.

Because here’s the thing: when you’re happy, others around you feel inspired to be happier too.

About this


Maybe you weren’t taught how to truly value yourself.

Maybe you have lost your way a little and need a nudge back on the path of self-love and going after your dreams.

Maybe it’s time to awaken the courage within you so you can FINALLY be the woman you’ve always wanted to be!

The best is yet to come for you; Are you willing to say yes to becoming all that you KNOW you can become?

You will learn how to:
  • End negative self-talk & anxiety,
  • End the comparison rat-race once & for all
  • Show up with confidence at work & home
  • Break out of the boring comfort zone & challenge yourself courageously
  • Get clear on what you want & ask for it!
  • Create a blueprint of alignment to your OWN happiness & success
  • Oh, and get excited about 2021 being your year of positive change, self-love and being the best version, most powerful version of yourself!
What you’ll receive:
  • 2.5 hr video masterclass with
  • 5 modules of life-coaching content:
  1. Out with the old, in with the new.
  2. Transform negativity into positive mindset.
  3. Design your life with confidence & self-belief.
  4. How to make your dreams come true (step by step).
  5. Claim your riches, happiness & success! (worth £197)
  • Journal prompts for deeper coaching work (worth £97)
  • BONUS: Signed paperback copy of 101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles; A Guide To Handling ANY Problem With Ease. (Retail price £32.00)
  • BONUS: Creative visualisation audio track Be Your Best Self. (Worth £97)

I wouldn’t wait – start today and make the next 12 months better than anything you’ve ever experienced before!

About Leila
Self- Mastery Mentor

One thing that’s evident about me is that I am passionate about teaching women how to love
herself deeper and honour her divine gifts.

I’ve always had an original intention to help women manifest more money, manifest less drama and pain and follow her heart with courage.

I look back at my 40 years and know that I’ve accomplished what I am meant to up to this point and there is still more.

For the past 7 years, I have been helping soul-led, ambitious men and women
to get back on track with their true purpose, overcome obstacles with ease and manifest
successful personal lives and businesses.

My trailblazer community has been growing and continues to go from strength to strength – I love my tribe so much!

I’m the coach that will always integrate and embody higher wisdom, deeper truths and
authentically walk my path – part of my mission is make sure no woman who comes into my
magical world leaves without remembering her true divine power; you’re here to manifest more
money, increase your frequency and live a life on your terms no matter what others have said
you’re capable of.

In my powerful coaching containers and courses,

I hold space for you to explore the magic that is within!

Remember, life is today so follow your heart it knows the way, Leila x