Trajectory, on purpose in your purpose with confidence, conviction and certainty.

You feel it deep within . . .

A sense, a knowing that you are here on purpose. There’s a reason why you’re here, there’s a reason why you’re pulled to certain things. But you’re not in your purpose as yet or fully.

You’ve asked yourself:
Who am I?
What am I here to do?
What is my purpose?

You know it’s deeper than 9-5 work – it’s you in your wholeness. You, in the present moment. You, in the unfolding of life. You, living the best life ever. Going after your dreams with full confidence and inner conviction. You know there is more for you, more to experience, more to be, more to do, a ‘next level way’ to help.

But something has been stopping you from stepping up. Doubt, indecision, fear of the unknown or what people will think…. But deep down you know that raising the bar in your (future) soul-led business is going to impact your audience powerfully. Showing up absolutely committed in your passion and purpose is going
to bring you riches that you have dreamt of.

“Here’s the thing: It’s all available to you. The answers are within you and available to you.”
You absolutely can make money doing what you love. You absolutely can carve out a path that is centred on your forever soul growth, whilst changing lives and making money doing what you love.

Gone are the days of trying to fit into a box when you were made to stand out. Gone are the days of doing what others are doing, just because.

Gone are the days of wasting your life doing things that do not light you up; That do not elevate your personal growth. You feel it inside. What really matters is being who you came here to be. Doing what you came here to do, in your unique way. You get to make the most of YOUR life, YOUR gifts, YOUR purpose.

And, through TRAJECTORY, you step back on track to your highest path and timelines and start fulfilling your purpose, whilst changing the world.

About the Masterclass

TRAJECTORY is a powerful masterclass that awakens your next level purpose. Through guided exercises, you will discover the a-ha moments, the insights and the answers that will realign you back on track to your trajectory.

This masterclass teaches the energetic principles to awaken the dreams that were brushed under the carpet, and provides the practical techniques and strategies to tap into your purpose.

You’ll start manifesting opportunities, soul-aligned connections and money out of nowhere and the fun will begin!

It’s a fun, powerful and transformative program that is sure to help you realign and manifest your best life.

What you’ll receive
  • A 3 hour masterclass covering the energetics and practical strategies to live out our purpose, to
    maximise your gifts and talents, monetising your purpose, manifesting your soul-aligned people,
    customers, clients and opportunities with ease and fun and so much more.
  • You’ll also receive powerful meditations and creative visualisations that will immediately shift you
    onto the path of your purpose, and timeline of your dreams.
  • You have access for life, with all future updates for free.
  • A complimentary signed copy of my book 101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles
  • Complimentary membership to my Trailblazers Inner Circle with monthly group coaching calls and
    live masterclasses

Hey, hey! I’m Leila.

I help soul-led, ambitious, bad-ass women like you to:

  • To activate deeper self-worth,
  • Manifest more money by healing your money story,
  • Teach what you know as the expert with
  • Greater confidence, enthusiasm & self-belief in your magnetic manifestation powers. Boom!
I teach you to create & sell high end 1:1 coaching programs, digital courses & irresistible offers for your dream clients. They will be asking YOU to create courses for them, just as my audience does! I show you to manifest your very best students who pay on time, in full and with absolute gratitude that you came into their lives as their guide/teacher/mentor/coach etc. I coach you on getting clear around your identity as a businesswoman, an expert who sells from her heart & with integrity every time. You’ll learn how to truly step into the shoes of your higher self/true self – and your audience will be clamoring to know what your secret is!
Powerful shifts guaranteed!
I coach you with my no BS, kickass sassy style to say bye to the excuses and GET IT DONE! Work productively on the only things that will actually make a difference to your business, income and your life. I show you how to get even better at following your heart, your soul nudges with excellence. This piece is literally the game-changer because without it the strategies don’t hold up. (I’m kind of obsessed with excellence! I always have been and always will be. My thing is to be excellent at being my best, consistently! And, so I teach you too because it really is the thing that moves the needle!