Thinking about some of my clients and my dad who’s been coming through for me recently

To run away from our human-ness is to run away from our divinity

The treasures within you exist but hidden away

Underneath the loud limiting beliefs

Behind the experiences of rejection, abandonment and loss

Behind the stories never shared or rewritten

The lessons, the purpose, the meaning, the reason behind it all just waiting to revealed to you

The treasures of wisdom within you
Are the gold
The sparkles
The magic
The truth
The alchemy
The transformation

Ready for you to change the story and write from a new angle,

From a higher plane

A deeper space

From your human space to the magician beyond:
Feel it all
Feel it
Express it
Do not judge it
Let it be
Release it
Let it go

To run away from a true human experiences means to run away from your wonderful divine self, as close as your breathe itself. You’re special. You’re magic. The codes of personal mastery are within.

Remember, life is today so follow your heart – it knows the way, Leila x

Comment below: what is one thing you appreciate about yourself today?

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