Strong mind, grateful heart

It’s all in your hands, your heart, your mind and spirit:
Your wildest dreams
Your deepest desires
Your personal truth
Your inner happiness
Your soul-aligned answers

Imagine for a moment
Tapping in, tuning in
Feeling what it feels like to experience your highest potential
Your greatest moments
Magical surprises
Filled with wonder
With curiosity
With excitement
With trust

With your mind on board
The gatekeeper
Courageously focused
Determined and convicted

Knowing your best life is yours for the taking
It’s meant for you
You just have to claim it – not softly with a whimper
But boldly
Declare it with conviction – this is yours!
Accept it wholeheartedly – it is done!
Receive it gratefully! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The beauty of this thing called life is that you’re the decision maker – the boss – the leader. You get to decide for yourself what is right and true for you, what you want, what your next bold decision is, what you are willing to let yourself be, have and do. It’s all in your hands, your heart, your mind and spirit.

Question are you ready, willing and committed to do whatever it takes, no matter what to make the most of your life today and onwards?

Remember, life is today so follow your heart – it knows the way, Leila x

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Trust yourself x
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