Confucius Without these words, I wouldn’t have quit jobs that I hated, stayed focused on becoming a teacher of French & Spanish, worked my way up to Assistant Headteacher for special needs children at one of the top schools in the UK, and ultimately side-stepped teaching to set up my own life coaching business.
I got to the point where I wanted to take full responsibility for my success – I’d had enough of being told what to wear (uniforms & grey are not my kinda jazz!) & the political games that came with promotion to headteacher etc.

Instead, I’d had enough of control and I wanted freedom- freedom to manifest my own financial success, teach people who I’m passionate about helping & create products & services that light me & inspire results from my customers & clients. Best decision ever to take ownership of my own success!

To wake up everyday and say ‘ I don’t know how, but I’ll figure it out along the way’ is the entrepreneur’s way. The journey with all it’s ups and down is what makes this lifestyle so much fun & easy. You get to decide what you want your day, week, month & life gets to feel like…and this is what Confucius was getting at…design a life that feels like LOVE. Follow your inner calling with courage, fullfil your life’s purpose with enthusiasm, trust the journey is always unfolding in your favour – all you have to do is decide, commit, open your heart & show up with your sleeves rolled up to do your part with the universe. Is it time for a new adventure? You didn’t come here to live in poverty – you came here to be happy, free, creative and abundant x
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