Emotions passing through…

Emotions passing through…
A few days ago I sat with my emotions and let the frustrations out..
I sat with my own heartbreaks;
the ways I’ve let myself down,
the promises I made to myself that I didn’t keep,
The ways in which I dismissed my own truths,
And mostly…the ways I abandoned myself and my inner child.

This moment of in-to-me-I-see (Intimacy) and vulnerability
Opened a gateway
Of course, of inner pain, sadness, grief, collective pain etc

But also of inner freedom, deepened communication with source, soul answers to questions a book could never tell me and a positive pivot of direction.

We’re all on our own soul journey’s and the human part of us can get caught up in the stories and attachments.

Our emotions are passing through us, not who we are. They are like guides enriching our journey, helping us to tap into deeper connection with unconditional love and personal truths, and showing us the depths of emotional frequency and authenticity. Feeling more whole and complete than before.

To repress, suppress, push away or dismiss what wants to come through will eventually lead to some kind of release.

There’s no shame in being real, authentic, in taking care of your self by honouring what you feel and sitting with your emotions. (If anyone makes you feel ashamed, tell them to f&* off!) Sit in your strength, courage and power. Allow divine grace to be with you.

You’re always ok. Always safe. Just moving through a fleeting deeper emotional experience.

After the storm, comes the rainbow so you can be sure that lighter and brighter moments are ahead.

Remember, life is today so follow your heart – it knows the way, Leila x

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