Emotions passing through…
“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ― Norman Vincent Peale

Oh, the big dreams with your name on it:
To change the world and leave it a better place than what you grew up with…

The big dreams with your name on it,
With all the feels that excite and scare you at the same time…

The big dreams with your soul journey mapped out,
In ways that only you can see, feel, imagine, taste and touch…

Worried they might not happen? They won’t – Not if you don’t move. Not if you don’t shift. Not if you don’t explore your inner world. Not if you don’t decide.

They are still yours…waiting..ready to be unleashed..

For your faith in yourself to be turned alllll the way UP where doubt just watches and learns 😉

For your actions to step into line

For your belief in yourself to be so strong that nothing and no-one can sway it.


Come back to your heart:

What was your original intention?

What did you imagine life would be like?

What do you still see within you that lights you up and leaves a feeling of peace in your heart when you think about manifesting it?

What’s the vision? The mission? The legacy?

You’re called. You’re invited. You’re time is now.

Your love has the potential to change this world.

Your commitment has the potential to divert you back to the course of your destiny.

Your aligned actions have the potential to change the course of your success.

Your intentions have the potential to awaken blessings upon blessings for you and the world at large.

Underestimating your dreams is not the name of the game anymore- turn that potential into physical manifestations. Turn that potential into tangible experiences. Dream big and go ALL IN!
What else are you gonna do? Scroll all day? 😉

For the wild dreamers, the game-changers, the mavericks, the rebels, the ones who never fit in the boxes of the mashed-up systems: the path of our heart and soul was always the way to the magic that sizzles within dying to bubble up and land amongst the stars. That much was written!

Remember, life is today so follow your heart – it knows the way! Leila x

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