Breathe life into your dreams
Speak those desires into existence
Project love and certainty onto your vision
And pull it closer with a golden thread of silk
Your imagination is real, as Picasso said.
Your imagination is where infinite possibilities exist with the intention for experience; for physical manifestation.

Bring it all together:
Your wildest dreams
Your focused attention
Your boldest steps
Your magnetic soul
And the vibe to dream big cos you ain’t here to play small!

You want more business? Claim it. Manifest it.
You want more opportunities? Claim it. Manifest it.
You want more money? Claim it. Manifest it.
You want more love? Claim it. Manifest it.
You want more unity? Claim it. Manifest it.
Remember, anything amazing can happen at any moment

Know it. Feel it. Done. Action it. Receive it. Easy.

As above, so below – it’s in your heart, it’s in your steps.
In the stars, here on earth.
Breathe more life into your dreams.
You came here for the adventure of making them come true!

Remember, life is today so follow your heart – it knows the way, Leila X

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